Masaaki Hojo
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Masaaki Hojo works as a dentist at the MM Dental Clinic in Yokohama, Japan. He graduated from Nihon University School of Dentistry at Matsudo in 1990 and was accepted by the Japanese Dental Licensing Examination that same year. He is a Medical Specialist at the Japanese Society of Oral Implantology, an active member of the European Association for Osseointegration, a member of the Japanese Academy of Sports Dentistry, a member of the Japan Association of Cranio-Mandibular Orthopedics and a Fellow of the International Team for Implantology (ITI).

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Masaaki Hojo has no financial relationships to disclose regarding authorship of ITI Online Academy educational content and there are no conflicts of interest.
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Replacement of Four Incisors with a Fixed Dental Prosthesis on Two Bone-Level Implants
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