Richard Leesungbok
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[Possible Languages for Lecture]; Korean, Japanese, English

Prof. Dr. Richard Leesungbok is in charge of the regular school curriculum on 1) Human Occlusion, 2) Removable Partial Prosthodontics, and 3) Advanced/Clinical Implant Dentistry as a full-time professor over 25 years at the Kyung Hee University School of Dentistry, Seoul, South Korea.

[Possible Subjects for Lecture]

  1. Application of Magnetism as Biomaterials & Retentive Devices in Dentistry
  2. Computer-guided Implant surgery and immediate loading 
  3. Brain-guided & Computer-guided Implant surgery
  4. CAD/CAM rehabilitation with advanced digital workflow
  5. Universal Design in Implant Dentistry for Elderly & Disabled Patients
  6. Sports dentistry, Mouth Guard, Sleep disorders, TMD, Occlusion
  7. Immediate Loading & Timely Restorative Work with Brain/Computer-guided Implant Surgery
  8. Minimally invasive sinus graft with innovative lateral & crestal approach techniques for implant placement on posterior maxilla
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Maxillary Complete Denture and Mandibular Overdenture on Two Implants with Universal Design
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