Lisa J A Heitz-Mayfield
Additional Information

Adelaide graduate, has a Master in Periodontology and PhD from Lund University, Sweden. Scholarship from the Brånemark Osseointegration Centre, Sweden, and an ITI Scholarship from the University of Bern, Switzerland.

She is an André Schroeder Research Prize holder. Adjunct Professor at the International Research Collaborative, University of Western Australia, Associate Professor, University of Sydney, and Honorary Professor, University of Hong Kong. She is Chair of the ITI Australasian Section and the ITI Research Committee. She has a specialist periodontal practice in Perth.

Statement on Financial Relationships and Conflicts of Interest
Lisa Heitz-Mayfield has no financial relationships to disclose regarding authorship of ITI Online Academy educational content and there are no conflicts of interest.
Content by this Author
Biological and Technical Complications in Implant Dentistry
14 Academy Credits
Managing Biological Complications
31 Academy Credits
124 Academy Points
Peri-implantitis Treated with Access-Flap Surgery
10 Academy Credits
Recurrent Peri-implantitis Leading to Implant Removal
10 Academy Credits
Supportive Care for Implant Patients
14 Academy Credits
Treatment of Peri-Implant Infection at Adjacent Implant-Supported Single Crowns
10 Academy Credits