System Requirements

Internet Connection
You must be connected to the Internet to use the ITI Online Academy. Offline access is not possible.

As many contents are provided in high definition (HD) format, a fast Internet connection is highly recommended. Please note that if your Internet connection is not sufficiently fast, high definition (HD) content will be streamed in the Standard Definition (SD) format to accommodate bandwidth capacity. When streaming content you are always given the option to switch between HD and SD format.

Supported Devices
The ITI Online Academy works on all devices (PCs, tablets, smartphones) capable of running a fully HMTL5-compatible browser.

The platform is designed to adapt to different screen sizes and resolutions. Please note that certain limitations may apply to devices with small screens (e.g. smartphones).

Supported Browsers
To maximize compatibility across platforms and devices the ITI Online Academy is fully HTML5-based. Due to the sophisticated technology used and to avoid technical difficulties you are required to use one of the following browsers when accessing the ITI Online Academy:

  • Safari (V7.0+ / Safari 5 for Windows is not supported)
  • Chrome (V34.0+)
  • Firefox (V28.0+)
  • Internet Explorer (V11.0+)

How to Download or Update a Compatible Browser
Please access the following websites if you need to download the latest browser version or if you want to update your existing browser: