Continuing Education Credits/Points

Continuing Education and Country-Specific Regulations
The ITI Online Academy provides users with the option to earn Continuing Education Credits/Points to comply with country-specific requirements for Continuing Professional Development. Continuing Education Credits/Points can be obtained by unlocking ITI Online Academy content.

After completing the educational activity users can select the items from their list of eligible formats in their user profile to generate a Continuing Education Certificate. If country-specific regulations apply, the corresponding information will be displayed to the user in their user profile in the area „CPD/CME" where the Continuing Education Credits/Points can be claimed.  

Statement of Independence
In its 30-year history the ITI has built a reputation for scientific rigor combined with concern for patient welfare. In the tradition of the ITI, all educational material for the Online Academy is produced by the ITI community of Fellows and Members and subjected to peer review. All educational material complies with the ITI philosophy of evidence-based treatment for the benefit of patients.

Educational objectives, content development and selection of educational methods and authors is conducted fully independently from any commercial interest and is not funded by any third party. Wherever possible educational contents of the ITI Online Academy are generic without making reference to any specific product or brand. Components and materials (e.g. implants, prosthodontic parts, augmentation materials) are only specified if they are required for the comprehensive documentation of clinical cases and procedures. Such components must originate from well-established systems with proven clinical long-term success rates and scientific documentation.

The ITI Online Academy runs on a platform that is specifically designed, developed and controlled by the ITI.