About the ITI Online Academy

Redefining E-Learning in Implant Dentistry
The Online Academy is the ITI's newest and most significant educational offering to date. 24/7 global access to all matters education in implant dentistry in a format that we have never had before. And there is something for everyone:

  • Education – access a wealth of knowledge in various educational formats
  • Evaluation – assess your knowledge and track your progress
  • Documentation – archive and share your own clinical cases

With a global membership of over 16,000, the ITI needs to provide implant education that is readily and widely available and also addresses implant practitioners at every level. The Global Forum of our membership platform ITInet, launched in 2010, has shown that there is a high level of interest in clinical knowledge, expertise and education.

E-learning is the obvious answer to address this need and in keeping with the ITI reputation for high quality education our aim is to have the most innovative and complete e-learning offering available worldwide.

In the tradition of the ITI, the educational material for the Online Academy is produced by the ITI community of Fellows and Members and subjected to peer review. All educational material complies with the ITI philosophy of evidence-based treatment for the benefit of patients. The Online Academy runs on a platform that is specifically designed, developed and controlled by the ITI for you.

What does the ITI Online Academy offer?
The ITI Online Academy is designed to adapt to you. Unlike other platforms it learns your preferences and needs and thereby directs you to the most relevant information.

Initially the contents comprise:

  • Assessments that allow you to test your knowledge
  • Learning Modules providing the theoretical foundation for implant dentistry
  • Learning Pathways for guided approach to self-instruction
  • Lectures from international ITI congresses with renowned clinicians and researchers
  • Clinical Cases and Clinical Videos illustrating the application of clinical concepts

The ITI recognizes that the Online Academy in isolation cannot teach competency in implant therapy but it is ideally placed to form part of blended learning in combination with online events such as webinars, taught practical courses and one-to-one mentoring in implant treatment procedures. To complement the initial educational offer, the ITI Online Academy will gradually expand its offering to include other formats. With the launch of the ITI Online Academy the ITI has embarked on a very ambitious journey to provide learners worldwide with the most comprehensive and sound educational offering available in implant dentistry.

Why is the ITI Online Academy different?
You are the Focus - First and foremost the Online Academy is focused on you and your educational needs in implant dentistry. This is achieved through free access to the dynamic and flexible Assessments that can help identify strengths as well as weaknesses/gaps in your knowledge. Based on these findings the Academy recommends learning content specifically suited to your requirements.

Free Lifelong Access - Anyone can register at no cost for an Online Academy account, explore the curriculum and try out various elements free of charge. In addition, any acquired content will always remain accessible to you and updates to that content are provided free of charge.

Core Curriculum - A fundamental aspect of the Online Academy is its unique core curriculum of learning modules that covers implant dentistry in its entirety. The core curriculum is in effect a living textbook in implant dentistry. And in contrast to a textbook its digital format will allow it to be continuously updated and expanded. Online Academy learning modules can be purchased but they can also be unlocked with "Academy Points" earned from, for example, taking assessments.

This is a specific feature designed to ensure that those keen to learn and acquire essential core knowledge for the correct use of implants in dentistry are rewarded for their efforts. It also ensures the Online Academy stays true to the ITI mission "to promote and disseminate knowledge on all aspects of implant dentistry" and the ITI's status as a non-profit organization that champions the correct utilization of implant dentistry for the benefit of the patient.

Free Consensus Database - The Online Academy will feature a searchable database of all the ITI Consensus statements and clinical guidelines from the 3rd, 4th and 5th ITI Consensus Conference that is available for anyone to access free of charge. This is a fantastic and swift route to instant guidance on the comprehensive topics covered by the Consensus Conferences.

Free New Version of SAC Assessment Tool - As a new development, the SAC Assessment Tool will be able to do a combined restorative and surgical assessment. It also enables you to establish a separate Esthetic Risk Assessment (ERA) for your cases for comprehensive documentation in your Online Academy case library.

Free Online Case Cloud - The documentation and presentation of clinical cases is at the heart of professional discussion. With the Academy Case Cloud, the ITI offers a free cloud-based service that lets you do exactly that. Based on a quick and easy-to-use documentation workflow, you can establish your own library of clinical cases that will be accessible to you from any place connected to the internet. Please note that you need to register a free account with the ITI Online Academy to use this service.

Supported by the reworked SAC Assessment Tool, the Case Cloud offers you an evidence-based and highly standardized means to establish a comprehensive repository of clinical reports that you can share with other users of the platform. In addition, the Case Cloud provides you with the option to submit your own clinical work for review and inclusion in the official ITI Online Academy content.

Submit your own clinical content - The Online Academy editorial board will welcome and actively seek your contributions to the official education content available in the Academy. Guidelines for submission of content and criteria for acceptance are already in place. The editorial board will consider case presentations and clinical videos from anyone who wishes to contribute their own clinical documentation to the ITI Online Academy. See also: Submit your content.

Who can use the Online Academy?
The Online Academy is available to all, that is, Fellows and Members of the ITI as well as non-Members and addresses all levels and types of education in implant dentistry including newcomers, practitioners with experience, specialists, students and post-graduates. 

What are the Educational Principles of the Online Academy?
The consensus recommendations of the 2nd ADEE Workshop1 (Association for Dental Education in Europe) were to ensure that implant dentistry is taught against a background of comprehensive, multidisciplinary patient assessment and treatment planning. This is particularly important as implant dentistry is a fairly recent discipline for most practitioners and its remit overlaps with a number of specialties.

Throughout the Academy, structured, comprehensive patient assessment and treatment planning are clearly in evidence. The ITI SAC Classification2 for assessment of patient case complexity underpins an emphasis on safe treatment aimed at predictable and stable long-term outcomes.

The ITI SAC Classification was accepted by the 2nd ADEE Workshop as a best practice reference for case complexity and education with the aim that competencies in implant dentistry should be mapped against it.

It is a common problem in education that learners are often not aware of their knowledge gaps. In order to help learners identify the content that is relevant to them the ITI Online Academy offers the unique feature of free self-assessment in any subject area of the implant curriculum in a special "Assessments" section that is publicly accessible and open to everyone. The Online Academy has also been designed to have clear, predefined learning objectives mapped to the needs and levels of the learner and offers CPD credits through verifiable assessments.


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